Saint-Vital after COVID-19


Once we are past the Covid-19 crisis, there are several projects coming in St Vital. I plan to list some positive news over next few days.

March 23, 2020

The new budget provides funds to create walking trails in Shirley Render Park, a re-purposed former city dump site.

March 24, 2020 

Some more positive news - budget 2020 allocates $80,000 to replace outdoor hockey boards at ⁦
Greendell Community Centre.

Outdoor hockey is still thriving in St.Vital with new city-funded outdoor boards at Windsor Community Centre and Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre in the past 4 years.

March 25, 2020 

City budget helps fund improved baseball facility in Markus Chambers' part of St. Vital. More details later in the year. It's great to work with Markus and Bonivital Baseball.


Play ball for Greendell Community Centre and Dakota Community Centre!

March 26, 2020 

The Budget provides $80,000 to upgrade Bonivital Soccer Club site at Memorial Park near Glenlawn.


Builds on the past contributions of $900k for the turf field (Glover/Allan); $500k fieldhouse upgrade (Allan/Mayes) and $260k lights (City).

I am proud to support local soccer!

March 27, 2020

#5 in the series of positive projects coming to St.Vital after Covid-19 (part 2 of Glover/Allan sub-theme)

Budget 2020 provides $80,000 to upgrade indoor rink boards at Glenwood CC. This builds on the 2013 $300,000 (Glover/Allan/Mayes) grant for heating and bleachers and the City grant for a new scoreboard.

March 28, 2020 

6th in my series of positive projects for St. Vital after Covid-19: While City play structures are now closed, budget 2020 frees up funds to replace City play structure at Dean Finlay Park by
Windsor Community Centre day care and upgrade the structure at Greenwood Park by Dr. D.W. Penner School

March 29, 2020 

7th in the series: Budget 2020 maintains $2.6 M to replace the garage/staff building in St Vital Park. This will open space for a new amenity near the park exit. This adds to the new pavillion (started by Gord Steeves), washroom, entryway & toboggan complex since 2014.

March 30, 2020

8th in my series on positive news for St.Vital after COVID-19; 2 tennis/pickleball courts in Sage Creek are approved, in addition to 2 courts set for Dakota Collegiate, Winnipeg
Builds on renewal of courts at Windsor Community Centre (2013) & St. Germain Park (2017) & new court at Centre scolaire Léo-Rémillard, funded with Theresa Oswald (2015).

March31, 2020

9th (and mercifully final) in my series on positive projects for St, Vital after Covid-19.
Budget 2020 allocates $41M to rehab 1965 St. Vital bridge - including better bike/ pedestrian facilities. Thanks to Sherri-Lynn Rollins for support on this project connecting our 2 wards.