February 4, 2020

At the Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee Meeting this morning, I spoke in favour of a proposal to add an unlighted crosswalk at Prairie Smoke Drive and Wild Iris Walk, near Sage Creek School.


I had requested a traffic study of the area, following concerns raised by Sage Creek parents and the Sage Creek Residents' Association. 

I also called for improved maintenance of gravel lanes, if the City is not prepared to change the current gravel policy, as it does not provide for the addition of new gravel on a regular basis.

Thank you to all residents who appeared in delegation. 

At the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works, demanding improved maintenance of gravel lanes 

Map of the area in Sage Creek where I requested a traffic study following the concerns of the Sage Creek Residents' Association 

February 14, 2020

We had a productive meeting of the Food Council and I'm looking forward to many more sessions with this dynamic group!

February 22, 2020 

What a great night celebrating Kosovo Independence Day with members of Winnipeg's Albanian and Kosovar communities!


Thanks to Kozeta Miliku and Albiana Bugujevci for their remarks, in recent days, about Canada’s welcome to members of these communities.

My wife and I were happy to participate in a traditional dance. 

February 25, 2020 

Thank you to Kelvin High School for hosting the "sort of" annual Reach for the Top game against the City Hall team.


My thanks to the other local elected reps that participated: Sherri-Lynn Rollins, City Councillor for Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry and Mark Wasyliw, MLA for Fort Garry, for being part of the "City Hall" team (I had to bring in Mark).


I am proud to support academic achievement through Reach!

February 26, 2020


I'm sporting my pink shirt for Anti-Bullying Day. Bullying Stops Here!