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Winnipeggers invited to provide feedback on draft lot-split guidelines: September 30, 2020

City staff have rejected multiple efforts to density, which I have supported, on Lavallee Road in St. Vital because the roadway is “only 30 feet wide and chip seal pavement”.  Chip seal is a lower level asphalt. 

Strangely, as part of the City’s lot-splitting draft guidelines, staff express support for quadrupling the density on 14-foot-wide, gravel back lanes, eliminating current front driveways where they exist.

If road material and width matter for PAVED surfaces, why are staff ignoring the width & surface materials of back lanes? I have discussed this question with Councillor Cindy Gilroy and I thank her for agreeing to follow up. The City also makes very different provisions for repairing paved, versus gravel lanes.  More on this tomorrow.

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