Tour de tracks 

April 2020 

All month long, I will be touring the City's running tracks.


The first stop on my tour of running and walking tracks that need upgrades was at Collège Béliveau/Windsor Park Collegiate. Looks like the track is from the Eisenhower era! 


Thanks to Collège Béliveau for cooperation on this project and to the area Councillor, Matt Allard.

I hope to get federal and provincial dollars to upgrade these tracks.


Stop 2 on my running track tour brought my son and I to meet Councillor Scott Gillingham (social distancing style) at three spots in St James.

Tracks at St James Collegiate & Sturgeon Heights aren't too bad, but I wouldn't want to draw lane 3 for a race at John Taylor.


Thanks Scott for the briefing!

Friday's tour de tracks stops in at Grant Park. A great facility but a shame it was not given a rubber surface after the 99 Pan Am Games.

Next stop was at Kelvin. The track is showing its age. I visited with Councillor John Orlikow, who in contrast is not showing his age.

Kudos to Churchill High School on the recent asphalt resurfacing of their track

Tour de tracks Day 4 was guided by advice from Councillor Jeff Browaty,
as I journeyed with son #1 to the distant north-east to check out the rather good Elmwood High School track (odd 5 lane width) and the rather sad River East track with narrow 8 lane alignment. Thanks Jeff for alerting me to these.

Tour de tracks Day 5 featured two sharply contrasting facilities.

Councillor Devi Sharma, of the Old Kildonan Ward, gave me a tour around the beat-up Garden City track, but we found a much better situation at Maples Collegiate (photo w/ son #2) where Devi told me that resurfacing was done 10 years ago.


Thanks Devi!

Checked out at the track at Sisler High School with my son. Thanks to Councillor Vivian Armstrong Santos⁦ and her husband Jeff Santos for the tour and history. The track is a good candidate for an upgrade given the size of the school. 

I landed in Westwood with Councillor Kevin Klein. A well-used asphalt track in good shape.
A local runner stopped doing laps to encourage us to fix up the tracks. Thanks to Kevin for the tour!

I stopped by Maginot Arena. A cautionary tale, as this track has been sodded over by the City. If other tracks are not upgraded I fear they will meet the same fate.

My next stop brought me to Fort Richmond Collegiate. It's a decent gravel / dirt track. Kudos to them for keeping this track run-able!

I then stopped in Transcona. Thanks to
Councillor Shawn Nason for hosting! The track at Bernie Wolfe was not bad (goofy starting line photo). Gravel track at Transcona Collegiate Institute was not great. Both tracks also appear to be about 300m not the regulation 400m.

Thanks to Councillor Ross Eadie for alerting me to the relatively new West Kildonan Collegiate track - looks like asphalt & it's in pretty good shape.

My son’s comment of "Oh my God!” when approaching the Nelson McIntyre Collegiate track says it all. It is probably the worst in the City.
With that being said, the new 400m Victor Mager track is only a bit further down St. Mary's Road. Tracks in other parts of the City would be at a higher level of need . I hope something, like a new field, can be done to help Nelson McIntyre Collegiate

The forlorn track at ⁦Collège Jeanne-Sauvé contrasts with the $20M City/Provincial expansion at Dakota Community Centre and the Louis Riel School Division/City funded cafeteria/theatre project at CJS.
This site deserves some TLC, but with the new 400m track nearby at Victor Mager school and a new 200M indoor track at Dakota C.C. next door, other tracks are a priority. 

The whole family (sans dog) came out for tour de track at
Sargent Park.

This was where provincials were run prior to 1967 (only 8 lane track on tour).

Might be a good site to re-gravel if this does not affect speed skating.
Thanks to Councillor ⁦Cindy Gilroy for reminding me to visit.

Tour de track 19. Not sure if the track at Eric Coy can still be called a track given that the bleachers are in the middle of home stretch.
Similar situation at Kildonan East. Some re-graveling would help but might not work with predominant football use at both sites.

Tour de track winds up with a newspaper clipping from 2019 of the Victor Mager School track. The first new 400 meter rubberized track in Winnipeg since the1967 Pan Am Games.

I appreciate that many took notice of this track tour.

My recommendations to follow!