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Infrastructure:  Increase funding to improve roads and maintain gravel lanes.

Environment:  Modernize sewer system to protect Lake Winnipeg, enhance St. Vital parks and Seine River trails.

Safety:  Continued investments in Police, Fire and Paramedics.

Mobility:   Work to reduce traffic congestion and improve Transit, emphasizing St. Mary’s and St. Anne’s.

Sage Creek, Royalwood, Bonavista: Expand recreational facilities and lobby for second Sage Creek school.

What's Happening in the Community?

How do you move around Winnipeg and why?

We want to hear more about what you value and why you move the way you do. We want you to help us shape the future of Winnipeg’s transportation network!

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Comment et pourquoi vous déplacez-vous à Winnipeg?

Nous voulons en savoir plus. Aidez-nous à façonner l’avenir du réseau de transport de Winnipeg!

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Pedestrian/Cyclist Tunnel

Ribbon-cutting of the Pedestrian/Cyclist tunnel on Fermor Avenue