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Winnipeggers invited to provide feedback on draft lot-split guidelines: October 7, 2020

Now for a few entries on the differences with the Calgary and Edmonton lot-splitting experiences.

As the developers pointed out in January 2019, when City staff mused about copying lot coverage percentages found in Edmonton, the lots are bigger in cities in Alberta. This means that a split leaves bigger lots than the proposed 25 by 100 in Winnipeg. The lot depth in Calgary appears to be 120 feet and 150 in Edmonton. In many cases (not all), the split lots in Edmonton are 30 feet wide, rather than the 25 feet left in Winnipeg.

Instead of approving every lot-split and allowing four units where there had once been one house, as City staff have been doing in St. Vital, we could try to limit the pace of densification. Especially given the reduced space between homes (eg. fewer secondary suite approvals, so density is only doubled not quadrupled).



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