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A better entryway for St. Vital Park

May 2018

St. Vital Park is one of the true jewels of the south end of Winnipeg. I grew up near the Park and thought everybody had a big open space that they could easily access. I did not fully appreciate it. Only as an adult do I see what a great community asset we have in the Park. In early May, the City posted a competition for an improved entryway into St. Vital Park (this is a “new” entrance, not the original entrance gate located near the service building and toboggan slides). The current entrance does not stand out well from a distance. Drivers who are not familiar with the entry sometimes miss it, or slam on the brakes and turn suddenly. The enhancements are intended to beautify the entry and to make it more visible. There will be more flower beds and new large, illuminated signage (English and French) outside the entry gates. Over the past seven years there have been many improvements in the Park, about $3 million in upgrades.

  • New sod and upgraded boat launch (credit largely to my predecessor, former Councillor Gord Steeves);

  • New pavilion by the duck pond with public art/ fire pit project;

  • New washroom (re-purposed box car) by the play structure; and

  • New toboggan slides / picnic area.

The new entryway is a much more modest project, but it continues to build on momentum to update and upgrade the Park.


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