A cool new public art addition to St. Vital 

January 2018

St. Vital readers may wonder what has been installed at "the junction", namely the intersection of St. Anne’s and St. Mary’s.  The site of five partial canoes, sitting vertically now greets passers-by.  This is a great new public art piece entitled Watershed, commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Old St Vital Biz. Much of the funding for the project comes through the City of Winnipeg, though the federal government also contributed to the makeover of the plaza area through its Canada 150 funding program. There is a lot of background information about the piece in a recent article in The Lance, which can be found on-line. This is the second large-scale public art piece to be installed in St Vital during my term as Councillor.  The first opened in late 2014, Ecobouage, the new fire pit installation by the new duck pond pavilion at St Vital Park.  I am very proud that public art is not something simply reserved for the downtown area in Winnipeg, but also has its place in the suburbs

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