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Councillors call for report on River Park South Joint Venture profits


June 2018

Councillors Janice Lukes (St. Norbert -South Winnipeg) and I will move a motion Tuesday at Riel Community Committee calling for an administrative report on the profits returned to the City of Winnipeg from the River Park South Joint Venture (RPSJV). An interim report listed $16.197 million in profits for the City, as of the end of 2016. “While many critics say that the suburbs are costing the City money, we want to highlight the substantial returns the RPSJV has made for the City.” Said Coun Lukes. “The RPSJV has returned a profit to the City of Winnipeg. While $2 million of this profit was earmarked for the Dakota Community Centre expansion in St Vital, and $600,000 for the Dakota Collegiate Field project, the remainder paid into the City’s land operating reserve, for use on projects throughout the City. We don’t need an accounting of where those funds got spent throughout the City - we just want to highlight the benefits provided by the RPSJV ” said Coun Mayes The RPSJV was approved by City Council in January 2011. The development covers 54.6 hectares (135 acres), will contain about 650 homes and is bounded by the perimeter, St. Mary’s Rd, Aldgate and St. Anne’s Rd. Original profits were forecasted at $11 million. “Right now the RPSJV is part of both of our wards. With new boundaries coming into place for the 2018 election, neither of us will be running in the RPS area. We want to emphasize to the rest of the City the positive contribution made by the RPSJV. This is NOT a commentary on the complex issue of impact fees.” said the Councillors


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