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Town Hall - St. Mary's Road

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Due to scheduling issues, we will postpone this event until January 2022. Please stay tuned for a new meeting date in the new year. Those that registered will be notified once a new date has been confirmed

During my ten years as Councillor, traffic congestion on St. Mary's Road, north of St. Anne's Road, has been a consistent source of complaints. The afternoon rush hour parking restrictions have been extended to 6 pm on both St. Mary's and St. Anne's, which has helped to some extent.

The 2011 City Transportation Master Plan (approved just prior to my election) called for St. Mary's to be widened by a northbound lane, north of Vivian to Taché, at a cost of $60M. By 2015, this had grown to $75M. Later City staff estimated cost at $100M, before the 2019 City infrastructure plan DECREASED the estimate to $70M. In short, no one seems to have a handle on costs and there is no money allocated in the City budget. Moreover, the widening would be a very hard sell in the Norwood area of St. Boniface.

What other options exist in the short term? I am interested in hearing ideas. Banning parking all day is not viable, given the impact on small business and the opposition from residents living on side streets in areas like Glenwood, if all parking is moved off St. Mary's.

Two moderate cost options to start the discussion:

- try to create/carve out areas for bus stops, to allow for fewer confrontations between buses and other traffic;

- try to create a bike lane on one or perhaps both sides north of Vivian; making for fewer confrontations between cyclists and other traffic.

I hope that you will attend this meeting on December 7th at 7 pm via Zoom, to share your thoughts with me. Please contact my office at to register and receive the meeting link. Town Hall open to residents of St. Vital only. When registering, please provide your full name and postal address.


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