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Winnipeg Trails Association Presents: The FREE Mobile Ski Library

Looking to try a new winter activity but don’t own the equipment? Want to try skiing on one of the new groomed trails in a park near you?

The FREE Mobile Ski Library is bringing ski equipment to your neighbourhood, giving everyone in every neighbourhood of our city the opportunity to give cross-country skiing a try. Snowshoes, kicksleds, and if the location allows, skates, are also available! Social distancing is in effect.

The FREE Mobile Ski Library operates on a first-come-first-served basis, with various sizes available. If your size is taken when you arrive, we welcome you to help build a snow castle or sculpture and hopefully they will become available.

Check the calendar on to see dates and times of the pop-up FREE Mobile Ski Library locations.

With easily accessible winter equipment and groomed trails throughout every neighbourhood of the city, the FREE Mobile Ski Library allows everyone the opportunity to get outside this winter. We hope to see you out on the trails and at the rink this winter!

Also available to try: skates (if a rink is nearby), a kicksled, wheelblades (wheelchair skis, one pair), ahkio (sled for skiing with kids)

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